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Staying Private Online

The Internet touches almost all aspects of our daily lives. We are able to shop, bank and connect with family and friends online. These activities require you to provide personally identifiable information (PII) such as your name, date of birth, account numbers, passwords, and location information. The sharing of personal information online can increase the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. You are sharing information about yourself with the world with every social media account, every picture you post, and status you update. The information below can assist you with a proactive approach to limit the amount of digital information available about you personally. By using this information, you can confidently and safely navigate the digital world. The Oklahoma Cybersecurity Alliance has collected the information below to assist employees and citizens with reducing their digital footprint.  

Social media platforms have become an integral part of online lives. Social networks are a great way to stay connected with others, but you should be wary about how much personal information you post. The following links contain guides on how to delete/deactivate your account from the major social media platforms.

Check with your phone company to make sure you're not listed online. If you are, ask them to remove your details completely. The same suggestion is made for customer databases that might cause your name and details to be online.

Cancel all mailing lists. The method for unsubscribing is in the body of each email, often with a direct link. Follow the individual instructions given. If you can't find such instructions, contact the site administrators directly.

Information on updating your privacy settings on popular devices and online services is available at

Google Search shows information gathered from websites across the web. The best way to remove information about yourself in Google’s search results is to contact the website owner who published the information. If they remove it, Google won’t find the information to list in search results. If the website owner won’t remove it, Google will remove certain types of sensitive personal information. Remove Information from Google

Public Records. The following contains a partial list of the major services that hold information and Opt-Out instructions for each of these services.  Some of these services will require a form of identification such as a driver’s license. Please make sure to black out your picture and driver’s license number while only leaving your name, address and date of birth visible. For services not listed below, please visit DeleteMe for Opt-Out Guides for the other services. - Opt-Out - Opt-Out - You can request to opt-out via email, at [email protected] or by calling MyLife customer care team at** (888) 704-1900**. Please include in your request such information as First and Last names, Date of Birth, Current and Previous addresses to ensure they remove the correct profile. It is very important to ask them to remove your data not only from MyLife but from all other websites they own. - Zabasearch is owned by Intelius, opting out of Intelius will remove you from Zabasearch. (Opt-Out) - Opt-out - Opt-Out - Opt-Out - Opt-Out - PeopleLookup is owned by Intelius, opting out of Intelius will remove you from PeopleLookup. (Opt-Out) – PeopleSmart is owned by BeenVerified, opting out of BeenVerified will remove you from PeopleSmart. (Opt-Out) - Private Eye is owned by PeopleFinders, so removing yourself from PeopleFinders will remove you from Private Eye. (Opt-Out) - Opt-Out - Opt-Out - USSearch is owned by Intelius, removing yourself from Intelius will remove you from USSearch (Opt-Out) - Opt-Out - Public Records Now is owned by PeopleFinders, so removing yourself from PeopleFinders will remove you from Public Records Now. (Opt-Out) - Opt-Out