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Announcing The OK-ISAC!

With the rise of cyber threats to Oklahoma, a practical approach was needed. To address that need, the Oklahoma Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OK-ISAC) was established as a multi-agency effort led and coordinated by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES). The main objective of this program is to mitigate cybersecurity risks across Oklahoma by providing real-time monitoring, vulnerability identification, incident response and threat intelligence to its members and partners. OK-ISAC is committed to ensuring the State of Oklahoma and its citizens are continuously educated and prepared to conduct day-to-day cyber activities in a safe and secure manner. OK-ISAC will include members from Oklahoma organizations, business leaders, and cybersecurity professionals. The OK-ISAC will enhance information sharing across Oklahoma and improve cyber resilience at all levels of participation—local, regional and national.


  1. To reduce the risk of cyber threats to the State of Oklahoma.
  2. To reduce the overall cost of cybersecurity for all state agencies by centralizing resources and providing a mechanism for leveraging large-scale purchases.
  3. To provide centralized services with highly specialized and skilled resources.
  4. To develop a cybersecurity ecosystem through public-private partnerships involving local entities, leading technology companies and other strategic private sector partners.

OK-ISAC Services and Capabilities

  • Provide members:
    • A platform to encourage member-to-member collaboration
    • A secure online repository for sharing threat intelligence with members
    • Participation in conferences, workshops, and tabletop exercises
    • Support efforts to develop cyber workforce by partnering with Higher Education
    • Develop and maintain relationships with industry partners
    • Supports members through implementing best practices and establishing a culture of cybersecurity and compliance

Our vision for the OK-ISAC is to be a trusted hub for information-sharing and analysis on cybersecurity issues in the State of Oklahoma. This will be done by promoting an environment in which OK-ISAC members can work together to address those cybersecurity issues specific to the State of Oklahoma.

For more information about this intitiative, please contact us at [email protected].